May 31, 2009


"...did someone call him schnorrer?"

"Life is but a game
and we are the playthings
of the gods."
"A soul is but
the last bubble
of a long fermentation
in the world."
George Santayana


Good morning,

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I taught TCSL students last year.

The white haired foreigner is Charles a Christian Brother from the Bronx. The woman is Linda a retired teacher from Canada. I am wearing a white shirt.

Hello Kevin,

How is everything going? I'm Rose majored in TCSL of Zhanjiang Normal University. As you asked me to send you some pictures of the English compitition held by the Oral English Association last time, here is the link to all the pictures of the Oral English Association

You can see all the pictures of the parties and activities held by the Oral English Association every time and you can download the pictures you like by yourself from the webside above. I'm sorry to write to you so late. If you still have any questions about the pictures, please ask me for help. As it is my first time to write to you, I don't know if you can get my email. When you get it, can you give me the reply? Thanks.

In my opinion, you are a very kind and excellent English teacher, because you joined most of the activities held by our Oral English Association and you helped us with our English though you were not teaching in our university. Thanks so much. Best wishes to you!



It was yet another interesting evening.

Be well,


PS: As I've said before, if you want to be appreciated, come to China.
Talent Show Judge

The guy on the right is Kudo, a Chinese English Teacher, and a friend of mine. The two students are SoSo and Rita.

Be well,


May 29, 2009




May 27, 2009


La Caja

"Nobody knows
the age of
the human race,
but everybody agrees
that it is

old enough
to know better."

May 25, 2009


is a process
by which the people

are free to choose
the man
who will get

the blame."
Laurence J. Peter
"There is more credit
and satisfaction in being

a first-rate truck driver
than a tenth-rate executive."
B. C. Forbes
"Ever see
a little kid
walking around

talking to himself?
I'm the same way."
Chubby Checker
"Nature abhors
a vacuum,
and if I
can only walk
with sufficient
I am sure
to be filled."
Henry David Thoreau