Nov 29, 2009


"El" of the Jungle

"Think you're escaping
and run into yourself.

Longest way round
is the shortest way home."
James Joyce
"Man is most nearly himself
when he achieves
the seriousness of
a child at play."
"What happens
to the hole
when the cheese

is gone?"
Bertolt Brecht
ahdo run run
Long Day
from francesca


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Nov 23, 2009


idle curiosity

"No occupation
is so delightful to me
as the culture of the earth,
and no culture comparable
to that
of the garden."
Thomas Jefferson
"If you think
you have someone
eating out
of your hand,

it's a good idea
to count your fingers."
Martin Buxbaum

nite nite

films from francesca

Fort Breaking

Jelly and Elliott dance

Nov 20, 2009



"An ounce of mother
is worth
a pound of clergy."
Spanish Proverb
"I love to go to the playground
and watch the children
jumping up and down.
They don't know
I'm firing blanks."
Emo Philips
from checka