Mar 28, 2010


The Catbird Seat

"If you drink
don't drive.
Don't even putt."
Dean Martin
"New York
is the perfect model
of a city,
not the model
of a perfect city."
Lewis Mumford
"When reporters
asked the Pope
what he liked best
about New York,
he replied
'Tutti buoni'
-everything is good.
That's my philosophy
Andy Warhol
"The city is not
a concrete jungle,
it is a human zoo."
Desmond Morris
"We are just
an advanced
breed of monkeys
on a minor planet
of a very average star.
But we can understand
the Universe.
That makes us
something very special."
"Zoo (n):
An excellent place
to study the habits
of human beings."
Evan Esar
"One wanders
to the left,
another to the right.
Both are equally
in error,
but, are seduced
by different delusions."