Feb 25, 2009


___Web Noir

"Having a family
is like having
a bowling alley
installed in
your brain."
Martin Mull
"You can't put the toothpaste
back in the tube."
H. R. Haldeman
"Happiness is a ball
after which we run
wherever it rolls,
and we push it
with our feet
when it stops."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"Why is it
drug addicts
and computer afficionados
are both called
Clifford Stoll
"I have against me
the bourgeois,
the military
and the diplomats,
and for me,
only the people
who take the Metro."
Charles de Gaulle
"Prospect Park
is a 585-acre urban oasis
located in the heart
of Brooklyn,
New York City’s
most populous borough."
Prospect Park
"Love often leads on to ambition,
but seldom does one return
from ambition to love."
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
"All that
I desire
to point out

is the general principle
that life
imitates art
far more
than art
imitates life."
Oscar Wilde