Jan 29, 2009


_______"This is your Captain speaking..."

"Those who dream
by day
are cognizant
of many things
which escape
those who dream
only by night."
Edgar Allan Poe
the apartment
"Poetry often
enters through
the window
of irrelevance."
M. C. Richards
"Cock your hat
angles are attitudes."
Frank Sinatra
"To him that watches,
everything is revealed."
Spanish Proverb
"When everything seems
to be going against you,
remember that the airplane
takes off against the wind,
not with it."
Henry Ford




Jan 27, 2009


Young Mr. Jazz

"Because things are
the way they are,

things will not stay
the way they are."
Bertolt Brecht
"I don't even know
what street
Canada is on."
Al Capone
"Named for philanthropist
and Presidential mother
Sara Delano Roosevelt
in 1934,
the park remains

a vibrant common ground
for senior citizens,
children, and recent immigrants,
as well as the more recent addition
of artists and young professionals."
Sara D Roosevelt Park
"It don't
mean a thing
If it ain't
got that swing."
Irving Mills