Apr 24, 2011

"I'd like to be
under the sea
In an octopus' garden
in the shade"

The Beatles
"While the wheel is
spinning, spinning, spinning
I'll not dream of winning
fortune or fame
While the wheel is
turning, turning, turning

I'll be yearning, yearning
For love's precious flame"
Kay Starr
"Juan Tripp
was a friend.
Good name for

an airline man, huh?
Juan Tripp
after another?"
Fay Wray
"The airplane
stays up
because it doesn't
have the time
to fall."
Orville Wright
"There are aphorisms
that, like airplanes,
stay up only while
they are in motion."
Vladimir Nabokov

Apr 22, 2011


Apr 15, 2011


____"El Juguete"

a book would have
no order to it,
and the reader would have
to discover his own."
Mark Twain
"The whole shadow of Man
is only as big as his hat."
Elizabeth Bishop
"I sit astride life
like a bad rider on a horse.
I only owe it
to the horse's good nature
that I am not thrown off
at this very moment."
Ludwig Wittgenstein
"Don't worry
about the horse being blind,
just load the wagon."
John Madden