Oct 19, 2010


_Ponder me this

"I'm an idealist.
I don't know
where I'm going,
but I'm on my way."
Carl Sandburg
"Only the guy
who isn't rowing
has time
to rock
the boat."
Jean-Paul Sartre
"If a thing
isn't worth saying,

you sing it."
Pierre Beaumarchais
"A hero is
one who knows how
to hang on
one minute longer."

ex machina"

"As a remedy
to life in society
I would suggest
the big city.
it is the only desert
within our means."
Albert Camus
"As long
as you're green,
you're growing.
As soon
as you're ripe,
you start to rot."
Ray Kroc
"In like a dimwit,
out like a light."
Walt Kelly
"Color television!
Bah, I won't believe it
until I see it
in black and white."
Samuel Goldwyn
"I don't
even know
what street
Canada is on."
Al Capone