Jun 29, 2008


"I'll take Manhattan..."

"It takes patience
to appreciate domestic bliss;
volatile spirits prefer unhappiness."
George Santayana
“Men come together
in cities
in order to live:
they remain together
in order to live
the good life”
"But the real reason we're here
is to actually cross
the Manhattan Bridge on foot,
something that hasn't been possible
since the days following
World War II"
Forgotten NY
I don't like
human nature
unless all candied over
with art."
Virginia Woolf

"We build
too many walls
and not enough bridges."
Isaac Newton

"I like the evening in India,
the one magic moment
when the sun balances
on the rim of the world,
and the hush descends,
and ten thousand civil servants
drift homeward on a river of bicycles,
brooding on the Lord Krishna
and the cost of living."
James Cameron

Jun 26, 2008

Lelly's 28th
Here are some pics from Lel's two B-day parties.
One in a bar and one on a roof.

- francesca
Good morning.
And then -- as those younger than myself often assert-- there are "totally random" photos sent my way. I think I know where the photo was taken. Who took it? Who is this student? I am never exactly sure. People are forever taking my photograph. On the bus. In line at the grocery store. You name it. Students are still taking photographs of me -- with their mobile phones -- during class. Snap! Snap! Snap!

Annie Bright home in Birmingham, England. Last summer. Chiara held the camera. Bianca sat by her side. I did my very best -- with only moderate success -- to direct Jane's attention toward the camera.

Be well,





Jun 23, 2008


Tidal Pool Hustler