Dec 30, 2008


____Oh, Yes, My Precious.

"I love the smell
of juice boxes
in the morning."
Robert Duvall
"City life
is millions of people
being lonesome together."
Henry David Thoreau
"The words
of the prophets
are written
on the subway walls
and tenements halls
and whispered
in the sounds
of silence."
Paul Simon
"The most realistic blood
I've seen is when
Marlon Brando gets beat up
in On The Waterfront."
George A. Romero
"The Staten Island Ferry
provides 20 million people a year
(60,000 passengers a day
not including weekend days)
with ferry service
between St. George
on Staten Island
and Whitehall Street
in lower Manhattan."
The Staten Island Ferry
"When a mass of matter
is to be removed
a certain force
must be expended;
and upon the proper economy
of this force
the price of transport
will depend."
Charles Babbage
"The main objective
of the Staten Island Zoo
has, and continues to be,
to disseminate knowledge
of zoology
and appreciation
of animal life."
Staten Island Zoo