Jul 30, 2009




Jul 29, 2009


"When you're born
you get a ticket
to the freak show.

When you're born
in America,
you get a

front row seat."
George Carlin
"The apprenticeship
of difficulty
is one which
the greatest of men

have had to serve."
Samuel Smiles
"Man is a reasoning

rather than a reasonable animal."

Alexander Hamilton
per Chance

"I'll be down to get you
in a taxi, Honey.
Better be ready
'bout half past eight...
I'm gonna dance off both my shoes
When they play
those Jelly Roll Blues
Tomorrow night at the
Dark Town Strutters Ball."
Shelton Brooks

Jul 26, 2009

"our far rockaway friday
was a slam jam kinda day"
in the younger sort,
is a part
of education;
in the elder,

a part
of experience."

"New York
is a theme park
for people
with IQs
over 108."
Doug Coupland
"We drive
into the future
using only our
rearview mirror."
Marshall McLuhan