Jun 29, 2010

"I couldn't wait
for success,
so I went ahead
without it."
Jonathan Winters
"I'm not just
a boy toy.
I have feelings
and dreams
like anybody else."
Jon Stewart
"Electrical banana
Is gonna be a sudden craze.
Electrical banana

Is bound to be
the very next phase."
"Ray guns draw
seemingly limitless power

from often
unspecified sources"

Remember Mars Xiao?

Last year Mars painted both the Chavez family and the Di Palma children portraits.

Mars invited me to her senior art show.

Mars (white shorts) and I standing beside her largest work.

Crystal Huang and me: Crystal hopes to obtain an advanced degree at the University of Warwick (very close to Birmingham and Jane McGuire), so she must pass the all important British University Oral Examination. I've been working with Crystal several times a week for the last two months preparing her for this examination. She takes the examination on July 17th.

See you soon!

All the best,


from Brooklyn

Jun 26, 2010


Jun 25, 2010

"It had all the earmarks
of a CIA operation;
the bomb killed everybody
in the room except
the intended target!"
William F. Buckley, Jr.
"A boy's will
is the will
of the wind."
Norse Proverb
"People have
a natural tendency
to flee to the mountains
when things get tough."
Stuart Briscoe
"Which road do I take?
she asked.
Where do you want to go?
was his response.
I don't know,
Alice answered.
Then, said the cat,
it doesn't matter."
Lewis Carroll
"And the hunter
home from the hill."
Robert Louis Stevenson