Oct 31, 2005

Happy Holloween

Barcelona Bulletin____________Vol. 1 No. 3

Rachel is Famous
If you google on "rachael montoya"
misspelling necessary
Rachel is number one

This is where the link takes you

If you spell "rachel" correctly the site is listed number forty two.

Its Googles vaunted "Artificial Intellegence"

well aware of the spelling abilities of Rachels fans

The Darktown Teacher's Ball
In the end there's the "Ghost Dance"

Mingle, it's part of your grade.
S'up? Teech!
If your teacher jumps off a cliff...
We did the Mash.....
We're off to see the wizard
Put your little foot
Dance ballarina, Dance

Sale along silvery mom

Oct 27, 2005

The man and his bird
Birds of a feather.
In one ear
The measure of the bird
Another dip in the pool
Peeps on Prominade
Margie sailing into the crowd
The litle Bro

Oct 16, 2005

ASPENS still showy after all the weather
Still crazing after all these years
On the trail to antennae
How far

In small groups
or alone.
A ladder to the sun
A world under foot
...without a song of my own.
Home again, home again..jiggity-jig

Oct 11, 2005

Barcelona Bulletin____________Vol. 1 No. 2

Rachel has a new job doing design and art and pr and etc. at World of Found. (see "out to dry" under remakes)

(click on picture)

Rachel now has a web page that you can see as a work in progress.

(click on picture)

Oct 9, 2005

final balloon glow
What's it all about...Burque
Now that we have your attention..
HMB Slippery Slope
Watermellon, Cold Watermellon.
Me and my sister...We'll be there|
Balloon O Rama

Do not go gently...
Pay no attention to the man behind....
I'll see your truck, .. and I'll raise you...
Oh No! .. Fireworks!
finally somethings popping on the side.

Merchant making things clear
"If it was a straight line you had...."
Me and my brother.. we'll be there!
We sale and we sale... for what?