Jan 29, 2006


So Long.. Lo Songe
Mei Toy an abstraction
feeding the sick
a mission of mercy
getting in stride
sailing with little wind
The Field
"Its Last Days"


mingling with his fans
Juan de la Sierra. Hungry.
The traveling man haunted by the past
If I only had a card.
Mr. Congeniality
I got your trump right here..
Pay no attention to the man behind the....

Taking comfort in the belly of the beast

Jan 22, 2006


Binks ByeBye

Hey there...You with the stars in your eyes.
....and another thing
I got cher reflexion...Right Here

Another Street Story

The Bridge Does Gianos Birthday

Dubble Bubble...Toil and Trouble
Cat me if you can
Smile your on Cranko Camera
Emerging from the Underworld
Who watches Who
Humoring the birthday boy
Gothic Alegre
Cats as cats can.
When Worlds Colllide
Grooming facilitates group socialisation.
Three's Company?
Home again. Home again..Jiggity Jig

Jan 16, 2006


Kevin arrives Home for New Years Break

Say Buddy. Can you spare a dime?
It must be terminal.
Where shall we eat?
Down , Down, Down
And the flames get higher
A man and his posse
Canon to the right of him
Canon to the left of him
He's ba..ack......he's ty.ah

Backseat Driven
Chiara plus, plus plus
Santa Fe street folk

Jan 11, 2006


oui je suis free

(click on immage to go to Rachel's site)
Chiara is moving to Japan.
She will be working in Hakusan City, Ishikawa-Prefecture
in what was formerly Matto City,

Click here for map centered on Matto

Hakusan is an industrial suburb of Kanazawa.
Kanazawa is a well preserved traditional Japanese City
( It was not fire bombed in WW2)
It is famous for its Garden,

its ceramics,
its gold foil work,
and its sea food.
Ishikawa is famous for its rice production.


City of Kanazawa: Official Site

Kanazawa Travel Guide

Kanazawa Weather

Wikipedia entry for Kanazawa

Blog w/pics of Hakusan/Matto

Jan 8, 2006


The Deal at the back of the Bus
The Devil's Rejects..........at the Serf
Foxes approach the Twentieth Century