Feb 28, 2010



de los

"It was
tremendously satisfying
to watch this
color parade."
Erno Rubik
"The pursuit
of truth and beauty

is a sphere of activity
in which
we are permitted
to remain children
all our lives."
Albert Einstein
"If you are a dog
and your owner suggests
that you wear
a sweater
suggest that he
wear a tail."
Fran Lebowitz
never understand anything

for themselves,
and it is tiresome
for children
to be always

and forever
explaining things to them."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"When a man's best friend
is his dog,

that dog
has a problem."
Edward Abbey
"Children should
neither be seen

or heard from
- ever again."
W. C. Fields
what a tangled web
do parents weave
when they think
that their children
are naive."
Ogden Nash

"Still round the corner
there may wait,
A new road
or a secret gate."
J. R. R. Tolkien
"Choose your corner,
pick away at it

carefully, intensely
and to the best
of your ability
and that way
you might change
the world."
Charles Eames