Jun 29, 2011


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"I was street smart,
but unfortunately
the street
was Rodeo Drive."
Carrie Fisher
"To reach
a port
we must sail,
with the wind,
and sometimes
against it.
But we
must not drift
or lie at anchor."
Oliver Wendell Holmes
"A kiss that is never tasted,
is forever and ever wasted."
Billie Holiday

"I don't wanna live
in a city where
the only cultural advantage
is that you
can make a right turn
on a red light."
Woody Allen
"Nobody of any real culture,
for instance,

ever talks nowadays
about the beauty of sunset.

Sunsets are quite old fashioned.
To admire them is a distinct sign
of provincialism of temperament.

Upon the other hand they go on."
Oscar Wilde

Jun 26, 2011


Jun 19, 2011


Jun 13, 2011



ROAD, n.
A strip of land
along which
one may pass
from where it is
too tiresome
to be
to where it is
futile to go.
Ambrose Bierce